🔑  tokenstringfalsen/a
↔️ sizeintegertrue128
🖼️ formatstringtruejpg
⚫️ greyscalebooleantruefalse


<img src="" />

Logos returned without any parameters will be 1:1 aspect ratio, 128px tall and wide, and jpg formatted.


In order to avoid the limits, you’ll need an API key or to upgrade your account.

Need an API key? Sign up for a free account

By signing up for a free account and registering your site, you’ll have enough requests to manage most projects.

Your API token is required when using the endpoint publicly.

<img src="" />

PNG instead of JPG

<img src="" />

In some cases, PNGs with limited color palettes will result in smaller image files with less compression. Using PNGs allows for transparency, although not all logo images will be compatible.


<img src="" />

Desaturated logos are most useful for landing pages when you want to normalize colors across the set.

Resized images

<img src="" />

Our image CDN will resize to any valid integer, but we recommend staying under 600px when using raster images like jpg and png.

Retina images

<img src="" width="80" height="80" />

As long as the height and width are set at 1/2 the size of the image source, your pixel density will be 2X.